2. Strawberries

Plant: April to June

Harvest: June to September

Most people love a good strawberry… Gorgeous in baking, cooking and just eaten as is. Very versatile, they can be grown in the garden, in a large pot or even in a hanging basket. Bite that fruit straight off the plant!

Plant 3 plants equally spaced in a growbag or individual plants in 12 inch pots. Remember to water them.


Click HERE to link to our 1 egg sponge recipe, great with cream and of course strawberries.


Single strawberry cheesecakes

Rhubarb and strawberry crumble

Strawberry marshmallow mousse

Rose scented strawberry cocktails

Strawberry sorbet fizz <— definitely going to try a variation on this recipe

http://www.strawberry-recipes.com/ lists strawberry recipes a plenty… everything from teas, jams and jellies to mousses, muffins and fudges… well worth a look…. not when youre hungry though. lol.

easy strawberry ice cream

Strawberry jam



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