Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

The night before our first Ration shop I thought Id move through the cupboards and take stock of whats left from this week.
Luckily in tomorrows shop I don’t have to worry about potatoes and flour, we seem to have collected a bit of a stock pile. ((all those backing fads I had and never followed through past the first sponge cake))
With that out of the way I add some last minute essentials to the shopping list, like toilet paper that bends, shampoo, washing powder and honey for when the kids inevitably complain about eating porridge instead of choco rice.

Louis Pasteur
Luck favours the mind that is prepared.

The trick to getting out a weeks menu out successfully is to plan ahead. It doesn’t take allot of time to do but saves allot of time and panic later on in the week. For example, with our rations in mind I’ve planned out a weeks worth of evening & lunch time meals as well as some sweet treats/ snacks to keep us all going.
If we started this week with out preparing our meals like this we could find ourselves without items halfway through. Restaurants today use the same principle of planning out their menu the week before.

In war time this would have probably been harder with items sometimes just not being available. Just because an item was on (like soap) or off ration (like offal) doesn’t mean that it was guaranteed to be in stock.

Tomorrows meat is already out on the windowsill ((really cold so it will defrost nicely for tomorrows tea, tea meaning our evening meal at about 5 or 6 pm… its an English thing))
400g of minced beef that will be made into about 28 – 30 meat balls which will be joined by some winter veg and hopefully some gravy.
Light permitting I’ll take a photo of the finished product.

For afters ((desert)) we’re going to attempt a cake… yummmm something sponge… and I have just the perfect mock cream recipe and half a pot of raspberry preserve to finish it off too.

Recipes here tomorrow… so you and my stomach will have to wait til then. ((runs off to lick the inside of the fridge door for sustenance))


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