Daily Menu – Tuesday 20th Dec 2011

Breakfast: Since this was our first day we decided to let the kids finish off the remaining cereal while MrC and I (MrsC) enjoyed our toast.

After our trip to see Santa this morning we made our way over to Aldi, well I was really surprised by the cost difference. I know budget shops were cheaper but quite honestly I was expecting a £20 difference at the most.

Last night I finished off the shopping list and the grand total for groceries + some last minute toiletries &washing powder ((did NOT include fruit and veg but DID include whole weeks milk ration)) was a frightening £58.71 at the most inexpensive supermarket.

In total our spend today was £27.29. ((grins – i love a bargain me))
Remember to click HERE to see cost comparison or visit our super vs budget page.

Lunch was a rather unexciting ham sandwich for the kids, which was not received well considering they’re used to chocolate spread and sweet treats.

With that in mind there wasn’t too much complaining as they hadn’t snacked since breakfast at 9am.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas with out scattering breakfast on the lawn to guide the reindeer to our home. The kids were worried they would get no prezzies as we haven’t got a fireplace.
So we mixed up a batch of reindeer dust.
Very simple, all it requires is a large scoop of oats (for the reindeer to eat) and some glitter to reflect light so Santa can see where to park the sleigh.
All plates were clean when the went back to the kitchen

Dinner: MEATBALLS with vegetables and gravy. yumm. Click the word meatballs above to get the recipe.

OKAY DOKE now Im going to appologise for the quality of the photos … sorry…. our little digicam doesnt like electric light. Hopefully the big camera will be repaired in the next couple of days :D…
or I get better light.

Desert: Home made (of course) ONE EGG SPONGE (click to see recipe) with custard and ripe bananas.
Now I know bananas werent really available during the war, but we had them in the house anyway so why waste them. AND… it makes a change from creams and jams.  

And it was gorgeous RESULT!!! Plus theres still 4 slices left for the kids snack tomorrow BONUS!!!


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