Daily Menu – Wednesday 21st Dec 2011

Lunch … that should keep them going a while


Breakfast – porridge…ummm nuff said. Did not go down well with the kids. I cant say Im much of a fan either.


Because breakfast wasnt well recieved today we decided to have a hot lunch. MrC made up some gorgeous MINI MINCED BEEF AND VEG PASTIES joined on the plates by some baked beans and a couple of potato/ cabbage cakes.

The cakes were simply left over potato and cabbage from last nights evening meal, mixed together with 4 tiny drops of oil, formed into patties, coverd in a little flour, and slung around in the pan until slightly crispy.
I wish you had smell-o-vision.
The kids have all come down with colds so one warm meal seemed enough…. saying that the temptation to partake in some warm raisiny madeira cake with custard proved too great….

For speed I used a cake mix from waaaaay back inside the cupboard and a generous handful of raisons. It took about an hour in the oven at gas mark 5…. not the quickest of deserts in retrospect…. but it was worth it.

Not much left…. a snack or twos worth tomorrow maybe??

I think it turned out well…. tasted glorious. Another successful pud and meal today… but with the kids tummys not being great perhaps tomorrows porridge and Liver&bacon hot pot may not be such a great idea…

I’ll keep you posted. I’ll also try a genuine madeira cake recipe from the 40’s instead of a packet mix.


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