Something old… something new

Thought to my self the other day, what is a ration experiment without a little make do and mend. So I started a project I had been putting off a while. When we moved in February of this year (2011) we bought new bedding (duvets, pillows etc), which left me with a few slightly flat old pillows.  After a good airing my children and I took great pleasure in emptying the old stuffing (not feathers) out the pillows and fluffing it out. I had been given 2 huge square white cushion covers with no cushions and sudden thought to myself….I CAN MAKE THEM MYSELF. I used some old sheets (holes in places) to make some inner cushion covers, merrily stuffed them and sewed up the edges.
They now site pride of place on our double bed…. and with more old pillows waiting to be re-loved Im sure the sofa could do with some more cushions aswell <==== grins evily , because you can never have too many cushions …. RIGHT????

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