What can I do with chicken? (previously titled ‘fun places to stuff your chicken’)

With tomorrow being ‘GROCERY SHOPPING DAY’ Ive been busy planning not only the weekly shop but the day by day menu.

As we will all be eating certain meats, like chicken, on a regular basis the question pops into my head “What can I do with chicken”. 
Chickens probably werent eaten as much as they are today… thinking about it why would you eat a perfectly good egg laying chicken. People ate meats like horse, pigeon, fish,  rabbit/ hare, and any wild game you could get your hands on.
Saying that we have some well proportioned chicken legs in the freezer which I plan to bring to life next Saturday (with veg… of course).

Tomorrow (tuesday) I plan to be a little braver. Im currently searching out a really good rabbit stew recipe (gawd bless google) to be followed on wednesday by a more traditional minced beef dinner (recipe unplanned so far).
Corned beef hash is the plan for Thursday and home made fish cakes for friday. Which just leaves the following Monday to plan for (no good ideas yet…. maybe a woolton pie).

MrC and I have found this method of forward planning not only saves us the dreaded question of ” whats for dinner” but also saves us money when shopping. I have a list and I stick to it. This week that should mean we can keep the shopping bill well below £30.

As for chicken recipes…hmmm well I do have a week to plan (<—- thinking little parcels with chicken and bacon at the mo).

Im also going to be on the hunt for some charity shop cups and saucers this next week so every budgeted penny counts….wish me luck 😀


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