Weekly menu…It started with a missing rabbit…

Now as you know the best laid plans of men and mice often go quite wrong. It started with the rabbit for tonights stew… for about a year Ive been pressing my nose to the window and promising to buy some rabbit, it was at a reasonable price and always in stock. Today he was out. Sooooo the meal plan for the wee got regigged.

Tuesday (today)
Liver and sausage hotpot
Liver from Asda 65p
500g beautiful pork sausages from the butcher £1.60
((plus some gravy granules, onion and seasoning))
Feeds 8 (or 2 adults & 3 children twice) Cost per head 28p
All eaten with gorgeous mash and veggies YUM!

One wopping big turkey leg from Asda (£1.71… cant fall off there really) which will contribute to the veggie soup MrC and I will have for lunch as well as supply the meat portion of our family dinner —-> with loads of veggies of course YUMM! (Cost per head if turkey just had for dinner = 34p)

Minced steak (straight from the butcher £6 for just under a kg…. divided it into 2 x 500g portions and put one deeep in the freezer for next weeks ration)…. although butcher meat is more expensive (not by much) its obviously better quality…. i paid for 1kg so thats what i got… very little fat if any.
MrC is torn between mince and veg and some of his super pasties 😀 <—— watch this space
If we do make pasties 500g makes about 15 lil pasties (that means 20p cost per pasty)

Home made fish cakes… not sure what shape they’ll be but we’ll leave the creative fish cake moulding to MrCs mood tomorrow. (still have to buy the fish so not sure about cost per head yet)

Chicken dinner (technically chickens would be kept for egg laying but we have 4 HUMUNGOOOS chicken legs in the freezer sooooooo…) (bought last week and not used 99p at Aldi… Cost per head 20p)

Sunday (YIPPPEEEE…. well you know what they say, the best things in life only require some washing up afterwards)
Dinner at Mams

Sod it! The kids can fend for themselves Pork stir fry or something similar (pork from butcher £10 for 1300g or about 18 steaks —> which will make 4 family meals easily so cost down to £2.50 per family meal and 50p per head)

{{If youre wondering why I do my weeks Tuesday to Tuesday, its because thats when I get paid}}

Now so far we’ve spent just under £10 for the meat this week and we still have to buy some fish…. but you get the idea.
The veg isnt included at the mo… because we tend not to buy it too far in advance. We like it fresh, and tend to buy our veg every couple of days from Aldi (this week going to have a look at some local grocers)


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