They always said fish was brain food…

It occurred to MrC and myself (over our home made fish cakes and veg) that if we are going to embrace this thrifty/ waste not want not/ make do and mend attitude to food that it should really be applied to other aspects of our life as well.

Think I should air out the good old sewing machine

 We decided this after a few minutes of planning what we were going to do to the house this year decoration wise.

We moved in last Feb (2011) and decided to take the first year to really settle in before we slapped paint on the walls.

Now that its January our minds have started to wonder about paint colours and curtain fabrics.

So as I was saying… over fishcakes and veg we decided our new outlook to spending should really not stop at food. Why should we spend a fortune on decorating the home… surely there are ways and tricks to furnishing and finishing off your home…. well… the thrifty, inexpensive (not cheap and nasty) way.

love the trees on the main wall… wonder if i could get N
away from buzz light year long enough
to paint some trees on his wall…hmmm?

 With that in mind we should need to apply the same logic to our DIY list that we do to our shopping list… IE planning and preparation.

  • What do we ACTUALLY need…since its putting our own stamp on our home we don’t want to go too utility… i don’t want box crate side tables.
  • Research…. what do we want and how much does it cost?
  • Stick to the budget and the list… if we know what we are looking for and stick to the list, there should be as few (if any) extra spending…. hmmm do i really need a blue and green mosaic tiled llama for the patio???
  • No waist … e.g. bits of left over wallpaper can be used in other places or for other uses. If leftovers are sealed and packed away neatly… they can be used again later.

As Ive been typing this post my mind has been wizzing about what to do and how we’re going to do it… Think some research is in order… I’ll keep you posted 😀


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