Weekly menu… we sure loooove our veggies

Veg for the week SORTED (plus i spy some great soup
 ingrediants for lunch time with me and MrC)
Soooo many veggies with every dinner? Yep vegetables make up most of every meal and we’re healthier as a result, they’re also cheap and easy to get hold of. Hopefully this year we’ll be starting to get the garden in order ready to start our own little victory garden. Places like Aldi do great deals on fruit and veg… i love buying our weekly crop according to whats on sale, it changes things up a bit and helps me choose things i wouldn’t have usually bought. For example this image (<—-) are Aldi’s ‘super 6’ between 1st and 14th january.
Uneventful after school wise sooooo…. Master N is going to help his dad make (drum roll please) … Mr C’s mini minced beef and veg pasties  . We loved these the first time MrC made them. N has been begging for them ever since. We make them with half our meat allowance, however, it makes quite a few. This means we can have a few with veg for dinner and some leftover for Wednesday snacks/ lunch etc.

Our mince this week comes from the local butcher (500g) which turns out to be about 60p more expensive than the cheapest Aldi brand… HOWEVER… the quality of butcher meat over store bought meat is obvious (so little fat, and a beautiful colour) so we’re BUTCHERS minced beef (minced steak actually) converts.
Total cost for meal: £3 for mince + pastry making bits we already have + £1 for veg (if that =  £4                 Cost per head: Makes 15 pasties = 26p per pasty (prob consume about 9 at dinner so 6 for future snacks)

[sigh] the eyes say YES but the BMI says NO!

Is brownies night and no I don’t mean the chocolate kind… because Miss K has Brownies at 6:15 (1hr) it interrupts diner…. so dinner tends to be something simple. Before sausages, pizza or fish fingers its now going to be either pre made for the kids when they step in the door or toasties.

Pork and beans night… yummy… we have a couple of weeks worth of pork steaks in our freezer which we bought from the butcher last week. So between that and our mince store that’s us sorted meat wise. All of us are looking forward to some good old pork and beans. Tin wise we only allow ourselves 4 tins per week (4 tins between us NOT each). Last week it was 4 beans tins… this week its going to be 3 beans and 1 corned beef.
Cost for entire meal: £3 for pork + 2 tins of beans 60p (30px2) = £3.60
Cost per head = 72p if we eat all of it between us …. less if there are leftovers… which there wont be [grins]

Something fishy… havent decided yet but it involves some cod/ haddock and some veg…. Depending on how the day goes and how much time we have dinner could be anything from, fish and home made chips (plus veg), fish cakes, fish fingers etc.

Corned beef hash  … the kids havent really taken to this in the past… so this is going to be interesting.

Sunday dinner at Mams or some HUGE chicken legs from deep inside our freezer (+loads of veg) ((we call it the black market chicken…lol))

Something fishy – same as friday………. we’ll see how we’re feeling, fingers or cakes? hmmmm

Oslo meal image from the 1940s Experiment click HERE for link
Now lunch wise… K and N get school dinners. E gets a sandwich and some fruit plus raw veg and a glass of milk. Kind of like a little oslo meal.
MrC and I will lunch on anything from leftovers (if any… rare)or home made soup to sandwiches. Homemade soups tend to be veg or tomato based. For example today we made a HUGE pot of veg soup with this last weeks veg. As well as being filling and nutirtious its also a good way to clear out old veg and make space for the next weeks fresh veggies.
Breakfast… incase you were wondering usually consists of either toast or porridge.
Speaking of which I have some bread to make…. Master N prefers home made break and jam to chocolate cake….. wonder how long that will last…. strange boy.

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