The Great Expedition – part 1 – The Lounge of Doom

While the great decorating frenzy of 2012 is under planning, I thought it would be a great idea to start clearing out…well… everything. Since we moved into this house in February 2011 every surface seems to have attracted its own load of clutter.
First on the agenda is the Lounge (slash dining room) as it’s the hub of activity in our house.
Just looking round it now there are toys, books and papers on the dining table, clothes over the chairs (which I’m assured are being worn right now…pfft), toys EVERYWHERE, shoe (they’re breeding), MrC’s suit jacket over a spare dining chair in the corner (which was last worn at the end of November 2011), MORE toys and books covering 2 side tables and the top of the toy chest and last but not least a really large Mickey mouse which seems to have taken up residence on the windowsill along with 3 or 4 books on the Templar Knights.
  1. What doesn’t belong? Clothes either should be hung up or put in the hamper, toys should be in their toy box, paper should be with the craft items or in the bin (or if its an especially good one… on the fridge) and books should be on the bookshelf. I’m completely ignoring (going to have to face it) the weird collection of its and bits joining the books on the TV unit/ bookshelf… like Mast Ns medicine, nail files & polish, action figures, a ped-egg, Master N’s Christmas angel from school, an old camera, old glass coasters, 3 skylanders in front of the clock, a wall clock, wooden hippo, wallet, old camera, bookmark from Korea… I could go on forever. All of this is why the books are pushed back and falling off the rear of the shelves.
  1.  Peter Walsh will tell you people have 2 types of clutter (aka junk).
    • Memory clutter or “I-might-need-it-one-day” clutter. “Memory clutter reminds us of some important person or event or achievement in the past—it’s sentimental and often hardest to part with. “I-might-need-it-one-day” clutter is all that stuff that you know you might need…maybe.”
    • Lazy clutter. “Lazy clutter is all the stuff that accumulates out of negligence over time.” Things like paper, junk mail, magazines only existing to fill every flat surface in your home.
  1. Use the F.A.S.T. system as in Find a time to de-clutter that suits everyone. Anything not used in the last 12 months gets the boot. Someone else’s stuff. If it isn’t yours (borrowed)… give it back. Trash…. Throw it!
  1. Put stuff into piles, Trash, Keep, Donate. Trash in the bin, Keep back where it belongs and finally the donate pile in bags by the door ready to take to the charity shop.
  1. Bring on the wastepaper basket, I think we need more of a paper tray/ tub thingy… the kids get through a fair bit of paper, but it doesn’t always have to be thrown away. The backs of the paper can be used or it could be reused for crafts etc.
  1. Create a play zone for the toys… at the moment the kids open the chest in the corner and bring them into the middle of the room where the only real good space is.
  1. Coffee Table FunctionalityIf it’s more of a hindrance than a use… get rid. Coffee tables aren’t known for their storage on the whole. No place for toys, magazines, remotes and coasters etc and gratefully we don’t have to go out and pay a fortune for something with storage boxes or an open/ close lid. When we moved in we bought 3 LACK side/ coffee tables so that we could stack them up next to the sofa when not in use or just for every day…. And un-stack them so that each kid had one for drawing etc or if we had a few guests.
  1. Photo clutter – luckily here we have none. After surfaces and windowsills being taken up with photos in previous houses we decided from the start to spend some money on some simple white (fairly thick) picture frames. Just have to get some more picture hooks for the other half… maybe then that will free up a surface.
  1. Sort out the movie collection. We have a huge leather covered chest at the back of the room for all our DVDs and videos, but still, they end up dumped everywhere. Worse still the kids don’t always put the discs back in the cases so little miss E ends up skating across the room with them. Our CD collection is actually sitting in the back (waaaaaaaaaay back) of our lounge cupboard untouched in nearly 12 months. Make me wonder if we really need them what with music TV channels, you tube and mp3 players. We don’t even own a regular CD player anymore.
  1. We have no real collections of things left after 3 kids, and I haven’t had a plant in the house since Miss K was able to crawl 8 years ago. As uninteresting as this makes us it really does save on dusting, leaving only the kids’ and MrC’s growing book collections to throw away tame.
 I’ll post some photos tomorrow of the transformation… just so you know Im the frazzled looking hag puffing and panting in the background. (lol)
RIGHT! Well that’s enough planning… Someone put the kettle on and pass me the black bags, I may be some time. (Grabs canery)

2 responses to “The Great Expedition – part 1 – The Lounge of Doom

  1. If you are talking Peter Walsh you must have watched Oprah… I love him just wish I could be dedicated to his decluttering philosophy

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