The great expedition – part 2 – Raiders of the lost book shelf

BEFORE… Now we just have to clear the junk
from the jewels on the dining room table.

This was the TV unit/ bookshelf first thing this morning. Clutter on every available surface. Lazy clutter as well.

We’ve got to get this room, in fact this whole house clean and clear if we’re going to decorate it.
MrC’s birthday is coming up in May and it would be nice to throw him a party in our nice, neat and newly decorated house and garden.

A black bag and some books for donating later and the unit looks like this
Now we’re not quite finished yet but you get the idea.

AFTER… TADA! So far so good. Now
just to continue like this round the room.

Photos on the top are going to be framed properly and hung, tatty books and trash went in the bin, the shelves were cleaned, the cords organised and tied, and TADA! Everything has its place.
Even the Wii remotes/ discs have a place in the little white basket previously filled with old DVDs and rubbish. Plus there’s room to spare at the moment (famous last words)

Now just to continue as we started… wish us luck.


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