Tomato soup to keep the cold out

I love this recipe from Marguerite Patten’s Victory cookbook (well worth the read) its easy and quick to prepare…. and absolutely gorgeous with fresh warm bread.
First chop up and blitz 450g of tomatoes, I used salad tomatoes just because Aldi was selling them at 39p per pack of 6. 450g uses up about 1.5 packets.




Next blitz up some chopped onion, leek or shallots. Obviously I used a leek, I like to use older veg in soups so they don’t go to waste.








Chop up and blitz one apple. If you don’t have a hand or electric blender chopping the ingredients up finely will work just as well.

Meanwhile add a chicken or veg stock cube to 3/4 of a pint of water.

Here after adding the leeks (and a scraping of marg) to the pot I added some sugar and a pinch of mixed herbs.

 leave the leeks to brown off a bit making sure that they don’t stick/ burn.

Add the blitzed tomato and apple and stir in.


Add the chicken/ veg stock to the pot and stir in. Here I added 2 tsp of tomato puree for colour and added flavor.

TADA! It was absolutely gorgeous with some warm bread.

What recipes do you use to keep the cold out?


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