Weekly Menu – A quick rant then onto the grub

Now that is a good looking cake… for an almost first timer


This last week was good fun seeing if we could make another awesome one egg sponge. It worked out pretty well I think. We had it with some butter icing and the last of the jam. (what?!?! no mock cream?!?!)
(unfortunately still got 1 more week before we can buy more jam on the ration so i guess toast is going to be a little less exciting this week)
Aaaaanyway… Its that time of the week again and surprisingly, we’re not having nearly as much trouble planning the week out as we thought. I suppose when you don’t have 100’s of choices it gets easier.
The reason we like to use things like the ALDI super 6 selection each week is that we have to get creative with what we’ve got. For example if you look at the selection available below (this week) you’ll see its 50% fruit….. well that effects the meals in our meal plan. I can tell from looking at the selection that I’ll be eating a fair amount of tomato soup for lunch, and we’ll be having beans and potatoes with most cooked meals. For some reason we don’t eat allot of green beans. Good for us adults and the kids to try something new.
This will of course all change when the super 6 change. During the 40’s you were limited (unless you lived in the country) to what you could grow in your own back garden or buy from the shop.
The 3 types of fruit are great as well. For one thing the variety is great for all of us plus I found a great apple crumble recipe I want to try.
Now I know kiwi fruit were not available and oranges would have probably been in short supply but we’re kind of working with what we’ve got. The point of this experiment is not suffering, its health, saving money and hopefully learning a thing or two about cooking/ preparing meals, organising our finances and leaving it generally a little wiser and more respectful of what we have.
So with our further procrastination… heres our weekly dinner (main evening meal) menu for the week… and before you ask i go shopping every Tuesday when I get paid, thats why our menu weeks run Tues to Tues.
This week at ALDI…

Pork Pasties (Recipe calls for 6oz of sausage meat which wasn’t technically on ration but was hard to get your hands on)
* apple crumple using ALDI six green apples from super 6

Brownies night for missK so ham and cheese toasties night (probably soup for me)
** extra pasties for Miss K’s Brownies coffee evening

Macaroni and Bacon dish


Pork steaks
Sausage meat balls (with sausage meat left over from Tuesday)
All recipes highlighted in blue are linked to the recipe and directions. Meals not highlighted when this post is published will have not yet been tried and so their recipes will appear in our recipe section on the day they’re eaten.

2 responses to “Weekly Menu – A quick rant then onto the grub

  1. Hiya, yep just spent the last few minute drooling over your pulled pork on a bun and wondering if I could use the old 'black market' excuse to get it on the menu. 😀

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