Pork pasties

This recipe is from Marguerite Patten’s Victory cookbook…. highly recommended.

What you cant see in the photo is Master N leaping up
and down like a dog in front of a butchers window.

Chop 1 leek. Place in a saucepan wuth half a teaspoon of fat (we use lard) and cook slowly for 10 minutes.
Add 1 carrot, 6 ounces sausagemeat (If you cant find sausagemeat its fairly easy to skin a few inexpensive sausages… we like Aldis butchers choice sausages), half a teacup breadcrumbs and 1 table/desert spoon gravy granules with enough vegetable stock to loosen. Mix well, then cook slowly for 10 minutes. Season, cool and use as a filling for pasties.

Mr C decided to make one BIG pasty this time and slice it. It was beautiful with green beans, cabbage and carrots from ALDI. The pastry mix is one of MrCs own creation but you can click HERE for a great recipe for shortcrust pastry from frugalicious food.


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