Weekly Menu – 24th to 30th jan – Dinners and sweets

 We’re still sticking to our ration even if there is the odd bit of black market chicken every now and again. I’ve even lost some weight (10lbs in 1 month… not bad, just 2 stone to go) and thats with full fat milk, full fat butter not marg, cooking with lard not oil, cheese (not much for me as Im not a cheese fan), and any carbs we can get our hands on (loads of potatoes consumed here every week) and PLENTY of veg.

The trick I think here has been portion sizes. I think everyone knows by now that portion sizes have gotten out of control. Our meals are based on a LOAD of veg (really heavy on the veggies), a smaller portion of meat (deck of cards = 1 portion) and our usually dinner companion, potatoes.

Snacking has been the hardest part… with every ounce of sugar and leaf of cabbage spoken for, there hasnt really been allot to snack on. This is probably the biggest contributer to my weight loss (portion size a close second).

We havent given up on puddings either… just smaller portions.  We still bake biscuits and cakes and really enjoy 1 or 2 each after dinner. Sooooo…

… This week Ive  included the puddings and extra baking we’ll be doing aswell and, as usual, the recipes for everything on the list will appear as they are made so that I can include photos of how things start out and finish. Sometimes its nice to have a visual reference aswell as the written recipe.


Dinner: Minced Beef Slices (+veg)

After dinner Pudding: Fruit & Jam Stroodle

Daily baking: Fat-free fruit tealoaf


Dinner: Sandwich night

After dinner pudding: Apple crumble


Dinner: Corned Beef Rissoles (+veg)

After dinner pudding: Suet Jam Rolie Polie


Dinner: Fresh Fish, green beans, carrots and rice

After dinner pudding: Carrot Muffins

Daily baking: Carrot cookies


Dinner: Lord Woolton Pie (+with some sneaky bacon pieces)

After dinner pudding: Jelly and ice cream

Daily baking: (with 3 small assitants): Cranberry up side down muffins

Sunday (if not at mother in laws)

Dinner: Pork chops in cider (+veg and pots)

After dinner pudding: 1 egg sponge with mock cream and jam

daily baking: Bran muffins for monday


Dinner: Something interesting with fish…hmmm…. maybe fish cakes YUM

After dinner pudding: Apple crumble and custard

The apple crumble was such a hit with everyone we’ll definately be having it again. (and again hehehhe)

What meals do your family enjoy regularly?


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