Weekly Menu – The Monday after the week before

Well, last week didnt quite work out according to plan. Master N’s trip to the Dental surgery on Thursday seemed to throw us all off a bit and a weeks menu + baking plan disintergrated to loads of mashed potato and baked beans. Not forgetting Master N’s new favourite pudding, jelly and icecream.

We did make a few baked bits off the menu, like carrot cookies and muffins, plus I got to use the ready roll puff pastry i bought on Tuesday for some BEAUTIFUL jam tarts. But never fear, I plan to remake these winning recipes in the next week to make up for the lack of posts last week. I appologise now ahead of time for any badly puctuated or disjointed posts/ recipes as our family computer is in for its yearly MOT, and until its back home i’ll be beggingand borrowing other laptops etc.

Anyhoo with fingers crossed this should remain the menu for this coming week 😀


Dinner: Steak and Potato Pie

After dinner pudding: Puff Pastry fruity jam tarts <— tried these last week, theyre so cheap, easy and quick PLUS GREAT to make with kids

IF I GET TIME: I found a wonderful chocolate oat cakes recipe Im really excited to try—> All these bits and pieces baked over the week are great stored in an airtight container (or empty quality street tins from christmas) and then nibbled on over the week.


Dinner: Ham and cheese toasties night + a pear crumble —> Miss K goes to brownies on wednesdays right over dinner time so sanwiches and a quick crumble is just easier.


Dinner: Leek and ham bake with cheese sauce + Carrot (and walnut) muffins


FAMILY FILM NIGHT – Home made Pizza and trifles (of course not forgetting popcorn)

Plus if i get time to bake… another tea loaf which went down so well the other week the kids asked for it for breakfast the next day…. it was gorgeous then too.


Dinner: Lentil and Veg Cobbler <—- finally getting some lentils into the diet which is both healthy and cost effective

Carrot cookies + yoghurt and raspberry chill for after dinner


Dinner: Pork and garlic bread bake

Very berry sorbet for high tea

Chocolate sponge pudding for after dinner


Dinner: Lord woolton Pie

Fruity up side down muffin


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