Corned beef rissoles

Now I know this photo isnt the best, but my dying little digi cam is on its last legs and really doesnt like electric lighting. These are the Corned beef rissoles before cooking. (dont really look all that different after cooking)


4oz corned beef

half pound potatoes

half pound cooked mixed veg (we used carrots, swede, cabbage, potato and onion… but you can throw in any type of veg)

4 oz wholemeal breadcrumbs (We used plain white flour and it worked out fine)


pinch mixed herbs

4 tablespoons brown sauce or vegetable water


Flake the corned beef and mix with the mashed cooked vegetables and breadcrumbs.

Season and add mixed herbs. Bind the mixture with sauce or vegetable water, form into shapes.

Bake in a quick oven. (quick oven = hot – very hot = gas mark 7 – 8)

We ate these with a plate full of veggies YUM:D


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