Puff pastry jam tarts – so easy the kids helped

We bought a roll of puff pastry from Aldi the other day thinking it looked very useful but not really having a plan for it…. Then… It suddenly dawned on us we could make jam tarts.

The puff pastry came in 2 sheets.

All we did was line the 2 baking trays with the greaseproof paper that is part of the packaging, (crafty because we’d just run out of regular greaseproof paper) and preheated the oven to Gas mark 6.

MrC cut the 2 sheets into 12 squares each (24 in total) and we (older kiddies) scored a smaller square into the centre. In that smaller square we plopped half a teaspoon of jam (not sure who had worse aim, me or Miss E, bare in mind Im 29 and E is 3) .

We used some Lemon curd (soooo gooood) and Aldi’s 29p Mixed fruit jam (which is awesome for the price). (contains apples, plums and rhubarb)These were popped on the baking trays and into the oven for about 15 -20 minutes or until risen and golden brown.

Leave on the paper to cool as the jam will be VERY hot.

They make awesome snacks and treats. Price wise these little tarts cost just over 4p (point something over) each. I cant unfortunately tell you how long they last…. in our house it was 3 days… which isnt bad (for me or the kids?).

I’d love to try this recipe again using some dried fruit like raisons or apples or… even some home made jam….YUM.

// Wonders how she can make these healthier and thus have an excuse to eat make more//


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