Weekly Menu – St Vals approaching and not a heart in sight

Yep, havent even started getting all the cards and gumph for the kids to take into school on friday (valentines day is during the weeks half term holiday next week). Actually I thought I’d try something different this time, as the cards are becoming an expense (with 3 kids each with a class of at least 30) and its such a terrible waste. I’ll do a post on Friday showing what we did >>> and NO MrC… Im not going in as a strip-a-gram !!!

Tuesday – shopping day for the week

Cottage Pie +vegetables

Apple and raison Muffins

Wednesday – Brownies night + shopping in town (have a special little project for the kids for st Valentines day and I want to get the bits and pieces Ill need)

Sandwich wednesday – either toasties or pitta pockets

Apple crumble – a family favourite, it turns out brilliantly every time


Cornedbeef Rissoles + vegetables

Tealoaf –  a winner last time, I am definatley trying this again…. maybe fewer prunes this time though


DVD Night – Fish dish – not sure what yet, perhaps some fish cakes or home made batter (yep that goes down well)

Apricot Bread Pudding


Home made minced beef burgers on home made buns

Juice pops

Energy bars


Sausagemeat loaf – YUM

Puff pastry tarts and summer fruit brules


Potato and onion hot pot + bacon…… >>> a sort of penacalty

Trifles – these dissapeared before I had a chance to photograph them…. I may try the lowcal/fat/sugar option this time as the last ones were FULL FAT… not that Im fussed, but it would be quite nice to experiment …. plus we get to eat the experiment 😀


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