I love my silicone <3

I fell in looooove with silicon baking trays and cupcake cases not so long ago when we bought a cake decorating pack from aldi. (<–SAD!) Since then we aquired some more of the same cupcake cases from mam…. heart shaped, start shaped, triangle shaped etc….. and theyre brilliant!

Hard to believe you can now stick rubbery plastic in the oven.

So… when I saw some silicone trays at aldi recently i jumped at them (man did i look stupid… but it was worth it).

///The muffin tray and cake tray (heart shaped for valentines day) are £2.99 each>>>>> I bought the cake tray <<<<<<///

Click HERE for apple and raisin cake recipe I used to try out the cake mould.

<<< arent these silicone teacups and saucers gorgeous… i had a week moment and bought a dozen and squirreled them away for Miss Ks birthday in July

I love stuff like this because as well as being fun to ‘play’ with they also make awesome gifts for adults and kids.

I made up a set containing an iceing plunger & multiple fittings (for different iceing/ piping effects), silicone cases (and a cupcake recipe book  for Miss K to take as a gift to a recent party. Miss K loved it so much we’re building up our own collection.

I got all my bits and pieces from Aldi… but … yesterday while valentines shopping in Redcar town I saw packs of 6 silicone cases for £1 (poundland) and a cake decorator for £1 in pound world (see pic , sorry the image is bad but you get the idea… a plunger and 8 different nozzles >>>) I think a cupcake making set is a rather cute/fun gift to give someone.


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