A different sort of Valentine… a tastier one! <3

Every year the kids take in cards for Valentines day. They love handing them out to their friends and seeing their reaction. 

This year we have 3 kids in school, Miss K in year 4, Master N in year 1 and little miss E in nursery… averaging out at about 40 children per class, that’s a lot of cards.

We needed a cheaper and far more unique option. After the kids give out the cards they to tend to remove it from the envelope and discard it without thought. It’s also a huge waste of paper (card).

So… the answer was either home-made cards (which would face the same wasteful problem) or create something completely different. This the cupcakes (pictured above), which are less wasteful, cheaper to make and unique.

The costs and the workings

I bought a pack of 300 petit four cases (mini cupcake cases), a pack of 600 tooth picks, and some craft foam sheets (10 sheets). The items cost £1 each. (£3 total).

For the sponge mix i used my good old 1 egg sponge recipe which makes about 15 to 20 little cakes. This technically cost me nothing since these items were part of our weeks ration and most of the items we had stockpiled quite a bit of. but if I were to estimate Id say no more than £3 in total. (maybe even less)

After the cakes (120 of them) had cooled we iced them with a mixture of icing sugar and low-fat cream cheese and sprinkled them with pink sugar sprinkles before the frosting set.

I then poked the toothpick/ cocktail stick through little hearts I cut out of the foam and pushed them into the cakes… and TADA! 120 cute edible valentines day cakes.

These cost me about £3 for baking goodies (max… probably less), 15p for foam, 20p for toothpicks/ cocktail sticks and 40p for the cake cases = which is a grand total of £3.75 or 3p per cake. Not bad!


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