Weekly Menu – Cabin fever does funny things to you…

Well officially the second day into the half term holidays and already the kids have to be peeled from the ceiling.

The trip to buy groceries for the week calmed them down a bit as they enjoy taking turns putting the items off the list into the trolley, then getting a little reward for carrying something home. Miss K carried 12 rolls of toilet paper, Mast N carefully carried the live parsley plan and miss E (in her buggy) carried some jelly…. they all did their bit and got a few marshmallows as a reward.

A day late, heres this weeks menu, starting today 😀 P.S. Happy Valentines day 😛


Corned beef fritters

Scotch shortbread & flap jacks if I get the time  – These are both great eaten on the day or kept for teatime snacks through-out the week


Wraps – These will be a mix of ham, pepperoni (have bacon already so bought pepperoni with bacon ration)tomatoes etc and Cheese which we didnt use much of last week.

apple crumble – our favourite 😀

bread –  prepared for baking the night before and baked on the morning


Potato and onion bake with bacon – We didnt get to eat this last week so we’re having another go at it

carrot cookies

soda bread


Fish pie

tea time fancies

herby bread


Home made sausage rolls

Chocolate biscuits



brisket of beef

Home made Ice cream and jelly



Woolton pie

Jam tarts



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