Book balancing and £££ juggling

Just finished organising the finances for the week…. we keep order with multiple savers with our account….
1) ACCOUNT 1 = current acount or money in & out account, wages go in here and bills/ shopping come out of here….
2) ACCOUNT 2 = bills money, we put a portion of our weekly wages here every week and send it back to the current account at the end of the month ready for the bills to come out the next day on the 1st NO UNEXPECTED SHOCKS on bill day….
3) ACCOUNT 3 = holiday fund = we pop a little in each week and totally ignore it… it will build up in the next 1.5 years and hopefully be enough for us to enjoy a nice week away somewhere.

This isnt forgetting the bank of Mam… where we save a few ££ each week…. and raw out the balance when we REALLY need it 😀

Do you do any £££ juggling to make sure everything works out???



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