What to do… but a thrifty high tea treat

The inevitable struck today… that rationing moment we’d been kind of waiting for…. about 2 hours after lunch and the kids are hungry again… well when I say hungry I mean bored peckish.

The stump of GORGEOUS home-made bread left over from lunch (yesterdays baking) was a bit small to slice, besides they had had sandwiches etc for lunch… suddenly we had a funny little epiphany.

Why not cut into cubes (much easier than slicing) and drizzle some icing sugar + sprinkles over them… I mean its kinda similar to the sticky finger buns we had at school. 

It’s at this point MrC points out that bakers usually use a sweet bun and it wont wash with the kids … well just the sound of the icing box being moved from the back of the cupboard (we have icing sugar stealing fairies) and there was a sudden stampede to the kitchen.

Well it made enough for MrC and I to test taste (do you like the way I got a nibble in there hehehe in a clever disguise) and the kids to get 2 rounds each (3 kids x 2 pieces). Quite nice for a thrifty high tea treat.

See we did leave some for MrC ——————->


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