The happy housewifes guide to cheap, quick and easy sausage rolls

As the half term draws to a close the kids have requested an old favourite for dinner, sausage rolls.

Now as you may know sausages werent strickly speaking on the ration… however they were hard to get your hands on….this is where modern convenience helps. Like housewives in the 40s you made use of what you have available… and incase of emergencies we had a pack of Aldi butchers choice sausages (£1.49 for an 8pack) in the faaaar back of the freezer.

I had also bought a couple of rolls of ready made puff pastry for some jam tarts. (99p par pack, each pack containing 2 sheets)

because we used both pastry packs and a whole pack of 8 sausages the toal price for the meal came in at £3.47…. it made 24 sausage rolls at 14pence per roll…. not bad. The kids really enjoyed them with some backed beans, carrots and sweetcorn.

  • skin the sausages and mix together into 1 big ball…. leave in the fridge for an hour to chill
  • lay the pastry out on a greased tin and leave to rest out at room temperature to make it more flexible
  • roll sausagemeat into long sausage shape and lay accross pastry inlines (about 6 lines of sausage)  leaving space in between of about 1 inch
  • brush milk on the pastry showing inbetween the sausage
  • lay the second sheet over the first (and sausage)
  • starting at one end press down firmly on the top sheet in the gaps between the sausagemeat 
  • crimp or pinch the pastry either side of the sausagemeat so the pastry will hold together there when cooking
  • cut into individual sausage parcels and bake
  • Gas Mark 6 for about 20 to 25 minutes or until lightly browned
  • remove from baking tray and put on rack to cool

Enjoy with beans like us , add loads of veggies and gravy or cool and keep for lunches/ snackes over the next few days (if they last that long) 



4 responses to “The happy housewifes guide to cheap, quick and easy sausage rolls

  1. Love sausage rolls. I was buying the ready made flakey pastry in frozen rolls but, in my quest to reduce processed foods, I’ve just started making my own pastry. it was just as good, I used wholewheat flour and it didn’t take long at all. You can also make double and freeze the pastry for future use.

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