A giggle for the weekend… a good housewifes guide

Saw this mock up (below) of Housekeeping Monthly (13th May 1955). It may sound a little far fetched and extreme, but my mother (a housewife to an accountant and mother of 4 at the time) remembers doing 98% of this. I take it in the good humour in which it is intended.

Im also following Jen but never Jenn’s 1950s housewife experiment http://www.jenbutneverjenn.com/2010/05/welcome-to-50s-housewife-experiment.html 

Miss Retros Blog post is also worth a good giggle http://missretroblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-be-1950s-housewife.html


2 responses to “A giggle for the weekend… a good housewifes guide

  1. The 1950s were a Government propaganda campaign to create the notion of ‘Housewife’ and make it into something with (unofficial) rules and rituals that women were encourage to feel proud of. The purpose was initially to get them out of the workplace so that returning soldiers after the war had jobs to go to. It evolved into a whole culture of consumerism in a way that had never been known before – desireable to keep the economy running as it now depended largely on retailing. This article is hilarious but sadly manipulative and they all fell for it.

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