Weekly Menu – 6th March to 12th March – Cant win all the time

Yep, I know Im a day late with this post…. Think I was disheartened last night with thedisaster that was my red velvet slab cake. It was all going beautifully until I added the red colouring…. 2.5 bottles later it wasn’t even red…. more like dark cherry chocolate coloured….the taste was aweful, the colouring really is quite bitter and acid tasting, even with the icing. 😛

 I’ve added a few photos of half the cake…. which, before we all sampled it, was gorgeous. I even got a chance to use my silicon slab cake tray. Anyhoo, you live, you bake, you learn. I should get that on a T-Shirt lol.

 Sorry AGAIN about the photo quality…



Menu for the week


Evening meal: Home made pizza – Now I know that in the 40’s, nthere wasnt allot of ‘foreign’ food eaten in the UK, however, the ingredients used in making the bases, plus cheese and ham topping (kids dont like mushrooms or pineapple) are all off our rations. So not cheating [INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE]

After dinner treat – 5 minute fudge – Like with most of our baked goods… they are intended to not only be easten on the day but over the week…. doesnt always work out that way, but the intention is there… and hopefully some fudge 😀


Evening meal: Sandwich night

After dinner treat: Apple or pear crumble, depending on whats good at the moment – Otherwise entitled what ever the kids havent eaten goes in the crumble. Well, cant say its not 1 of their five a day…. more than that if i add raisins to it.


Evening meal: Lamb casserole with as many veggies as we can lay our hands on

After dinner treat: No bake ‘healthy’  brownies – Healthy? I hear you say… yep each of these chocolatey beauties is only 77 calories…. less than a kitKat or a twix. 


Evening meal: Fish night – As usual we leave the actual recipe to closer to the time… we may fancy a fish cake or sudden fancy some cod/ haddock and chips or potatoes and green beans YUMMY!

After dinner treat: Citrus butter cookies -meant to bake these last week but didnt get the time


Evening meal: Meat balls and veggies – Now pasta is a weird one… although technically not on the ration, it wouldn’t have been easy to find and most wouldnt have attempted to make it. It was rationed in Italy during the war though. But We dont want to do too much blackmarketing this week so we’ll probably eat our meat balls with mash and veggies.

After dinner treat: Home made icecream (vanilla as mrC doesnt like chocolate icecream) and strawberry jelly – I tried some chocolate icecream a couple of weeks ago and it was really nice, creamy kind of like cornish icecream… although, we didnt eat it all on the same day and what was left became rock hard in the freezer… impossible to eat (and believe me we tried)


Evening meal: Sunday dinner at Mams or a toad in the hole treat for the kids – with some hard to obtain but on the black market sausages i keep for emergencies in the back of the freezer, and of course veggies 🙂

After dinner treat: Cinnamon rolls YUM


Evening meal: Woolton pie

After dinner treat: 1 egg sponge – Have been wanting to experiment with home made chocolate icing and chocolate spread recipes…. may use one of them on the cake to make it more interesting. That said nothing beats some mock cream and some of ALDIs 29p mixed fruit jam YUMMMM

OH yes below are our veggie seedlings after 1 week… kids think theyre brilliant… especially since they only started to grow on thurs/ friday last week. Kids think its magic lol.



We have 3 of these (poundstretcher) propergators full of veg seeds and marigold seeds to keep away the bugs. They sit on the top of our fridge because its warm and out of direct sunlight but still pretty light all through the morning and past lunch.

MrC has finished prepping the garden at Mams for them when theyre ready. They still have to grow a bit more and get weathered (put out into the fresh air in the day and brought in at night) before thay can be planted out. Our garden is 100% clay, even the grass wont take. Apparently its takes 4 years and a remorgage to turn clay soil into something workable 😦 Aaah well we wanted pots anyway lol.


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