Our WW2 ration menu for the week 12th March to 19th March

Shopping is ALLOT easier with the children at school I must say. We’re in, we pick items according to THE LIST, we pay and we’re out. This weeks shopping cost the record amount of £28 (27 and change). Not bad for a family of 5 for a week. We spent a good few minutes chatting to some elderly people over the beetroot on offer at Aldi, recommending they try baking with them and discussing what was available in their area during the war.

Not everything was available to everyone all of the time during the rationing days. Sweets/ biscuits were also on ration, which is why we ration the kids to 3kg between all 3 of them per month (about 1 kid sized handful per day). I know this doesnt sound allot, but with the baking etc done over the week, the kids certainly dont lack for anything.

Mam (otherwise known as the black market hehehe) was a child in the war. Her uncle was the manager of a sweet factory and so sweets were never a problem. This week instead of buying loads of odd weighted its and bits, Im going to go down to our local weigh and save for the kids monthly ration (adults sweet ration included in that 3kg but the kids eat them not us… honest)

People who keep chickens would have adopted the one for you two for me attitude when volunteering their eggs for others rations. Whilst up the road, in another town, the grocer may have run out of eggs and other rations) and despite it being on your ration book that you were supposed to have an egg… well… you were eggless. The same went with any rationed or unrationed items (even soap), so I can see the attraction of self-sufficiency, make do & mend and general make it yourself or do without. On that note we decided to drop some non-vital items like dried fruit/ nuts… which could be hard to obtain and also made an odd substitution….. apple sauce instead of jam… well they’re both on the preserve ration so why not… would make an interesting tart or cake filling. Make do and make cake!


Evening meal: Cottage Pie – as well as being a really cheap family meal to make its also very easy, tastes great cold the next day and can be a great place to hide sneaky veg. Todays cottage pie will be hiding carrots, parsnip, swede and some celery, the latter two being on special at Aldi so a real winner all round. This will be served with any vegetables that I havent included inside.

Baking : 1 egg sponges – A bit of a mini bakathon today as I’ve just bought 3kg of flour (to add to the 3.5 kg I’ve got in the pantry) so this afternoon I’ll bake about 4 cakes, wrap them in cling film and store them for the family to eat through out the week. I might also make some mock cream and set one up for tonight as an after dinner treat.


Evening meal: Sandwich night – not thrilling I know and with the kids being very young and slightly picky, they’re happy with only a few choices as to fillings. Generally… Miss K likes cheese, Master N likes Jam and little Miss E with either have butter or ham. My suggestion of toasties and salad was rebuffed. I shall now go and sulk quietly… in the corner… with my ham sandwich 😦

Baking : None as such but I will whip up a quick apple crumble for when Miss K gets home from brownies at 7.45.  Even on the more unorganised nights its nice to know the kids go to bed with something warm and filling in their tummies… even if it is just apple crumble.


Evening meal: Leek and bacon bake in a cheese sauce – With the ham no doubt demolished the leek and ham recipe is altered to leek and ham. (only 100g of sliced ham so not that much to begin with… mr C wanted the other bit of ham ration not used on ham or bacon to go to some garlic sausage… for his sandwich night sarnie as well as late night snacks) This recipe came about as we seem to have accumulated a rather excessive number of leeks in the fridge. Again this will be served with a range of veggies and potato.

Baking : Tea time fancies and mock cream – A new one on me but it has chocolate and mock cream in it so the kids will love it. I generally don’t eat a lot of this sort of thing at the moment… apart from trying to cut down on weight snacking I’m slightly sugar intolerant, which meant NOOOOO to a lot of goodies…. which, on the bright side *CRIES*, means more for the kids.


Evening meal: Fish & vegetables of some sort – As usual I tend to leave this meal up to MrC and how busy we’ve been that day.

Baking : Beetroot cakes – The kids loved these last time, so, since beetroot was on special, I’m going to have another go these 😀


Evening meal: SPAM fritters, veg and mashed potatoes – cant wait to try these… perhaps the most stereotypical dish of the 1940’s and still the favourite of so many today

Baking : Jam tarts – these should see us through the weekend at least if not until next Tuesday…. treatwise that is. Well, that’s the theory anyhow. Oh and some play dough for the kids… with summer coming (but not quite here) the kids are getting a bit desperate on the weekends… this easy and quick dough should keep them entertained for hours.


Evening meal: Beef stew – The brisket worked so well and was delicious las time we tried it so we thought it would make a lovely sunday meal.

Baking : Carrot cookies – These were also a huge success as well as GONE in seconds after making…. that said I didn’t make nearly enough… first time cooking cookies with carrots and all. 😀


Evening meal: Woolton Pie – basically a vegetable pie but with potato topping as opposed to a pastry top.

Baking : Gypsy Creams – Another Marguerite Patten recipe and another cookie/ biscuit like recipe to line our biscuit tins. These as well as any left over carrot cookies and items baked the next week will help provide all of us with some sweet snacking. Your sweets and treats, although smaller and less frequent, were as important as the meals during the 1940s. I must admit though I do enjoy the odd treat every now and again… even if its only a moment on the lips…


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