… because even websites need a spring clean.

Spring has sprung and as well as Casa de Ration, the website is also getting some furniture shifted and cobwebs blown away.

Tuesday was our official first day of spring and our first seedlings planted a few weeks ago are now ready to be weathered and made ready for planting out.

Which brings me to our first *NEW* section to the site….. Digging for Victory!

This page will chart our successes and failures as we attempt to grow our own vegetables and fruit. As well as our step by step progress (and tips) on how and what we’re planting, we will also be experimenting (and posting) with alternative places to grow veg (sounds ominous) for those with little or no garden to plant in.

You may notice that as our lovely weather goes on that we are in fact NOT using our own garden to ‘Dig for Victory’. A fudge up between the Landlord and landscapers means we have no topsoil (just solid clay) so we’ll be using our Mam’s Tardis like back garden.

The upside of our little clay problem is that it gives us an incentive to get creative with how to plant vegetables with no garden. MrC is already buzzing with cheap but spectacular ideas.

Also *NEW* to the site will be a reshuffled ‘ABOUT RATIONING’ section with new additions to the drop down menu… the newest addition will be ‘our rations week by week’ which will be a revamp on what a family would have eaten ration-wise in the 1940′s, how we plan our weekly menus, what it costs us and what exactly goes into each meal/ ration.

This means you will have a better idea as to what we’re buying on our ration and how much it REALLY is costing us. Each weeks shopping list (with prices and total cost) will link up to its weekly menu and explain how much of our ration is ACTUALLy be used in it.

MrC and I decided on this more comprehensive section earlier in the week from some in blog comments noting that although we listed what would be in a ration, our weeks menu and some recipes… we didn’t actually show HOW we decide whats on the menu and HOW much of the ration these things take up. For example exactly how much of the meat ration does minced beef, vegetables and gravy take up? And so on.

The last straw came from a conversation between MrC and a parent on the school playground which, cut short, ended with the parent calling MrC a liar for stating that this was the second week in a row that we had spent only £27 (and change) for our weekly groceries (for all 5 of us for a week).

This new section listing exactly what we bought on our rations (any substitutes and the total cost) will link up to the weeks menu with links to each meals recipe as we make them… with photos and any online links/ sources used.

All this should be up and running by Tuesday 27th March ….

Happy spring cleaning xxx


One response to “… because even websites need a spring clean.

  1. Brilliant ! I’m not so fussed personally about the ration – but I would be interested to see more on what you get, how much it costs and what you actually eat 🙂 I’m following this because I want to spend less, eat less garbage, & be healthier. And also because I love history and think they ate a far better diet then.

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