Corned beef, potato and onion pie


1 tin corned beef, diced

2 large potatoes (like baking potatoes) diced and cooked

1 small onion (leek can be substituted) finely chopped and cooked

half of any beef stock cube

1 tsp gravy granules


200g plain flour

70g Margarine

30g Lard

Water to mix to make into a dough


Add your cooked potatoes, onions and corned beef into a pan

Add the half stock cube and gently heat turning constantly

When the consistancy gets very loose, add your gravy granules and continue to stir until the mixture is coated. If it becomes too sticky add a little water then leave to cool.


For the pastry:

Add all ingredients into a large bowl EXCEPT THE WATER

Using a knife, chop up and mix the fats with the flour or use fingers to rub the fats into the flour

Add small amounts of water at a time while mixing together with the knife

Continue until you get a soft dough, the less handling the better or your pastry will dry out when cooking

Remove from bowl and roll out to desired thickness on a well floured surface

Line an oven proof dish with a thin layer of pastry

Add filling and make sure you fill the space to prevent the top layer of pastry caving in.

Add your top layer of pastry over your dish, crimp and trim the edges

Dont forget to make 2 or 3 small slits in the top to vent the steam

Bake until pastry is golden brown on Gas Mark 5

This pie is gorgeous warm with veggies or baked beans… but equally yummy cold the next day… or the next… if it lasts that long

/// Dont throw away any left over pastry, put it in an airtight container and pop it in the fridge … it will keep for about 2 days.

You can fill this bit of pastry for any left over meat, ham etc and pop it into the oven with other dishes later in the week.


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