This weeks ww2 ration menu

With the warmer weather (plus 2 weeks of school for the kids) and brilliant sunny days creeping in, our thoughts turn to picnics, BBQs and salads…. well mine do.

This is our second summer in our new house but first summer with no boxes to unpack… I cant wait to add some outdoor furniture to the new back patio and lounge out in the sun with a cold rink in hand…. MrC somewhere with a cold tin prodding the BBQ expertly.

Hmmmm yes that will do. Until then we’re going to grab what ever little bits of icy wind free sun we can.


Breakfast: Cornflakes

K & N lunch: cooked school dinner (the meat and 3 veg kind generally)

little miss E lunch: a mini oslo like meal… chopped apple, buttered bread, ham and what ever little goodie that in the tin

Mr & Mrs C lunch: Sandwich + a piece of fruit (apple or pear if available)

Evening meal: Steak and potato Pie

After dinner treat: Beetroot pudding


Breakfast: Weetabix

K & N lunch: cooked school dinner

little miss E lunch: sliced carrots , buttered bread, ham and a handful of raisins (obviously a 3.5 yearolds handful)

Mr & Mrs C lunch: Sandwich + a piece of fruit

Evening Meal: Sandwich night

After dinner treat: Apple crumble


Breakfast: Porridge with honey

K & N lunch: cooked school dinner

little miss E lunch: Pre-stored bacon pasty + carrot sticks and a pear

Mr & Mrs C lunch: Sandwich or Home made veg soup + a piece of fruit

Evening meal: Corned beef Mold served with potato salad and green salad

After dinner treat: carrot cookies


Breakfast: Cornflakes

K & N lunch: cooked school dinner

little miss E lunch: Buttered bread, apple slices, leftover corned beef mold and a carrot cookie or two

Mr & Mrs C lunch: Sandwich + a piece of fruit (can get boring if you dont vary the filling, we can swap and change between, jam, honey, corned beef, cheese, and the very occasional egg mayo… plus bacon by the end of the week if theres any) Some home made ‘throw it all in’ soup is a great alternative and easy (and cheap) to prepare.

Evening meal: Fish envelope with cooked vegetables

After dinner treat: Chocolate squares


Breakfast: Toast with jam or honey

Lunch: hopefully if the day is nice we’ll be picnicking in the local Park…. great picnic items include sandwiches (jam, honey or cucumber), MrCs pasties, and cookies or sweeties we’ve saved over the week… and some jelly pots, home made of course…. just regular jelly I tiny container i bought at poundstretcher…. oh and also any fruit we have left over will no doubt be eaten .

Evening meal: Home made Burgers, chips and salad

After dinner treat: Sponge cake plus if i get time some home made honeycomb toffee


Breakfast: cereal box left overs (last few weetabix, handful of cornflakes etc)

Sunday dinner (lunch) – Joint of meat & cooked vegetables (meat yet to be decided)

Supper (evening): Sandwiches… no doubt with some of the joint meat [grins]

After supper treat: Marmalade Pudding


Breakfast: Toast and honey or jam

Lunch: Not yet decided (the kids are off school for the 2 week Easter holidays so we’re going to have to rearrange our usual Oslo/ sandwich lunches to include something hot for the kids)

Evening meal: Summer vegetable pie

After dinner treat: Scotch shortbread


3 responses to “This weeks ww2 ration menu

  1. Dear Rationingrevisited,
    Interesting Post, It seems like I always fall into a rut when it comes to packing lunches for the kids. It’s so important to me that they eat what I pack and that it’s healthy enough to keep their little brains charged for the remainder of the day. I like to get their input and for the most part, I let them choose. I’ve decided that this year, they are going to sit down with me on grocery shopping day and go through this list and make out their lunch menu for that week. This will give me the heads up on what to buy and being the meal planner that I am, hopefully eliminate the lunch box stress. 
    I look forward to your next post

    • Summer vegetable pie as stated…. our week runs tuesday through to monday as thats when my husband and I get paid our wages

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