Another weeks ww2 ration Menu

Well I dont know where this weeks warm weather went… Saturday we decided to make use of our local Museum and it Anglo-Saxon event. But as lunchtime approached, the skies darkened and it all got very cold. We ate our packed picnic lunch on a blanket in the louge watching films. Not quite what I had planned to get the kids outdoors.

Today on this cold, raining, windy day, the kids have been making easter posters. I bought an old roll of lining paper (bargain at 75 pence) and the kids have been crafting and colouring on it for ages. Sometimes the best toys really do come from their own imagination… and failing that, an inside out cereal box taped back together is great for making a robot 😀

Tuesday Bacon wrapped in eggs

Breakfast – Usual breakfast of either porridge, cornflakes or weetabix

Lunch – Ham or cheese sandwiches

Dinner – Egg & bacon tartletts…. neighbours know someone with chickens… so we got 6 egg-stra eggs this week….. well we did until we ate them, with a couple of sliced of wholemeal bread YUM!

After Dinner treat – Cheese cake that we were given…. well it would be a crime not to eat it.


Breakfast – Usual breakfast

Lunch – Veggie soup for the grown ups and toasties for the kids with leftover ham and a little cheese.

Dinner – Minced beef meatballs, with a homemade bolognese-like sauce and veg

After Dinner treat – Syrup loaf + 1 egg sponge if theres time


Breakfast – Usual breakfast

Lunch – maybe if a mini picnic at the park (plus duck feeding) if the weather is nice

DinnerCorned beef fritters and veggies

After Dinner treat – carrot cookies during the day, and an apple crumble for later


Breakfast – Usual breakfast

Lunch – Oslo meal (Salad, bread & butter, a glass of milk and a piece of cheese)

Dinner – Baked fish cakes, peas and chips

After Dinner treat Puff pastry Jam tarts



Breakfast – usual breakfast

Lunch – Baked beans on toast

DinnerMinced beef pasties

After Dinner treattea time fancies


Breakfast – usual breakfast – or eggs on toast/ with soldiers if there are some eggs left

Lunch – Sunday lunch – Pork chops with veg, potatoes and yorkshire puddings

Dinner supper – Sandwiches… probably with any pork left over YUM

After Dinner treatGinger and date cake (straight out of Marguerite Pattens Victory cookbook)

And allot of easter eggs later…

Monday – week 2 of kids easter holidays

Breakfast – usual breakfast

Lunch –  Savoury scones

Dinner – Scalloped vegetables with bacon

After Dinner treat – Chocolate oat cakes


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