PRESERVE TARTS! < because we should

I must be geting better because my rubbish weird oddball just plain wrong  unusal sense of humour has returned. I was going to do a post on some puff pastry jam tarts made with the jam we seem to have accumulated, however, there was a fuzz up with the puff pastry sheets…. so an alternative plan had to be made.

I had a double pack of puff pastry sheets just waiting to be ‘tarted’ up in the fridge. Upon opening them , I discovered that they were green and fuzzy (not a good sign) and however tight frugal I may be, I draw the line at fluffy tarts.

Half the shortcrust dough MrC used for the tester pasties earlier in the week was still in the fridge… so we (kids and I) , in the spirit of ww2 make do and mend,  rolled it out, used a regular sized coffee mug to cut out circles, placed them into a greased fairycake (cupcake) oven pan, and added a small teaspoon of jam. We made 4 mixed fruit jam (cheap and gorgeous), 4 marmalade and 4 apricot jam tarts.

They sit in the oven at gas mark 5 (bottom shelf) until golden (NOT BURNT) which in our dying oven took 3o minutes… but can take as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

If you want to make your own pastry…


You’ll need:

200g plain flour

70g Margarine

30g Lard

Water to mix to make into a dough

Add all ingredients into a large bowl EXCEPT THE WATER

Using a knife, chop up and mix the fats with the flour or use fingers to rub the fats into the flour

Add small amounts of water at a time while mixing together with the knife

Continue until you get a soft dough, the less handling the better or your pastry will dry out when cooking

Remove from bowl and roll out to desired thickness on a well floured surface

Now cut our your shapes and fill with yumminess !


2 responses to “PRESERVE TARTS! < because we should

  1. Hi do you have a recipe for panaklety? I know that this dish varies quite a bit for ingredients.
    just wondered what your interpritation of this dish was.
    I remember when i was a kid in north ormesby (boro) it was one of our favourite dishes.

    • We just do a simple, potato slice layer, onion slice layer, bacon layer (then over and over until dish full)…. but saying that you could use the same formula with pretty much anything [wonders what a spam panaklety would task like?]

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