Easter week menu – Make do and make pies

At week 15 of this year of the experiment its starting to get harder to find original recipes… sooner or later Im going to have to venture into the wonderful world of offal. Yum Offal-ly good!

Speaking of challenges, my recent fascination has been the rationing of clothing in the 1940’s. At its best in 1939 everyone received 66 points per person per year, this dropped to 48 and as low as 36 during the war. This equated to one full outfit head to toe. Of course if you were handy with a sewing machine, it made life allot easier.

I suppose children would have been the hardest. All 3 of ours recently grew between 1 and 2.5 inches (since September 2011) and all looked like overstuffed sausages in their old clothing.

Breakfasts are a choice of toast, weetabix, cornflakes or porridge


Lunch: beans on toast

Dinner: Toad missed the hole – not a fan of soggy yorkshire pudding, so we cook the pud and the sausages separate

Pudding: mixed fruit jam tarts


Lunch: left over sausages plus veg

Dinner: Toasted sandwiches and salad (ham or cheese)

Pudding: Danish apple pudding


Lunch: Sandwiches – last of ham & cheese

Dinner: Minced beef & vegetable pie

Pudding: ginger and date cake …. this went down so well last week, I’ll be baking this again. You can’t really distinguish the dates from the rest of the cake… which is good, and means the amounts were perfect.


Lunch: a little scrambled egg & bacon on homemade bread (toasted under grill)

Dinner: Steamed fish, potatoes and vegetables

Pudding: Gypsy creams


Lunch: pancakes

Dinner: Spam fritters

Pudding: Bakewell tarts

extra baking: Rolled oat macaroons


Lunch: Sunday lunch > joint of meat and vegetables – meat yet to be decided (what ever good at the supermarket/ butchers tomorrow)

Supper: Beans or egg etc on toast (depending on whats available)

Pudding: 1 egg sponge with mock cream and jam (mixed fruit)


Lunch: Kids back to school so they get school dinner (meat and veg), MrC and I will probably make some vegetable soup

Dinner: Woolton Pie

Pudding: Spiced cottage pudding with custard

I worry that in the next few weeks/ months that the recipes will become monotonous … We accepted when we started this experiment that this would happen. Getting a little more creative with the recipes (modern twist on old rations) and not shying away from some of the more mis-understood ingredients may give us a few more options.


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