Oven temperatures guide – WW2 terms, C, F, and Gas Mark

By todays standards allot of the ww2 recipe oven temperatures seem to be quite high, this is due to the small amount of fat and because food had to be cooked quickly… due to fuel shortages.

The 1940s descriptions and modern equivalents are below:

  • A very cool oven: often called a very slow or very low is 90-120C, 200-250F, Gas Mark 0 -1/2
  • A cool oven: often called slow or low is 140 -150C, 275-300F, Gas Mark 1-2
  • A very moderate oven: nowadays generally called moderate is 160C, 325F, Gas Mark 3
  • A moderate oven: is 180C , 350F, Gas Mark 4
  • A moderately hot oven: is 190 – 200C, 375 – 400F, Gas Mark 5-6
  • A hot oven: is 220C, 425F, Gas Mark 7
  • A very hot oven: is 230-240C, 450-475F, Gas Mark 8-9



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