A Menu by any other name would taste as sweet…

Now that the holidays are OFFICIALLY over, normality can resume… sorry some of the posts have been a tad erratic. With the recent crummy weather every bit of sunshine was lapped up enthusiastically… even if it only lasted minutes.

A back to school routine means thinks are going to be a little cheaper round here at casa del ration… fewer crafty bits needed (though i still might hoard some for rainy days) and 2/3 of the kiddies have school dinners. Which means soup and dinner left overs for me. Oh I’m not complaining… personally I look forward to a hot Lunchtime meal.

This week I thought I’d do a few more modern (recognisable) recipes that were still rations friendly…. changing things up like this keeps thinks fresh and stops menus from becoming monotonous.

I know what you’re thinking ( I don’t but bear with me) so many meat meals… the recipes I’ve chosen work fine with the smaller meat amounts on the ration… so instead of 2 meals (2 x 500g) and a bigger roast (1kg) on the sunday (and so sliced meat on monday) I’m opting for 4 reasonably sized meals. (4x500g). Each will feed us easily… and as usual… with some left overs for the next days lunch (mine…all mine)

Incase youre wondering… the photos are of Miss K… playing with the camera, when no one is looking, thinking I wont find out hehehe.


Evening meal: Lamb (500g of 2kg) and spring vegetables

After dinner treat: Syrup cake


Evening meal: Sandwich night

After dinner treat: Good old apple crumble…. think by now we can call this a tradition.


Evening meal: Somerset Pork (500g of 2kg) with Apples

After dinner treat: Vanilla mousse


Evening meal: Panacalty panakaltie panacilty you get the idea (bacon on ham ration)

After dinner treat: Home made Cheese cake


Evening meal: Steak (500g of 2kg), kidney and mushroom pie

after-dinner treat: Gypsy creams…. again because we made them last week and they were awesome…. and gone before i had a chance to photograph them…. so this week hopefully we’ll get a good shot before they’re eaten.


Sunday Lunch – Bobotie (pronounced ba-boor-tea)(500g of 2kg)

After dinner treat – Victory sponge


Dinner –  Either woolton pie (veggies) or corned beef and onion pie. (tinned meat on point ration not meat ration)

After dinner treat: Bakewell Tart


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