Low fat pastry

Pastry either bought or made from scratch is all well and good (and yummy) but not always love handle friendly when youre trying to shed some pounds or just trying to keep to a low fat diet.

During the war years this wouldnt have been a problem. Women could consume up to twice what is recommended in diets today (e.g. 300 cal per day then and 1500 cal now per average british woman). They spent allot of energy doing everything from housework to gardening and manual labour. (factories or as land girls).

Today, we’re not so blessed and unless you lead an equally active lifestyle, the extra calories are going to find you.

Pastry for example calls for ingredients like Lard and Margerine…. the former of which is more obviously not the dieters friend. In the recipe below, vegetable oil is used instead of the usual Lard/ Marg mix. ORIGINAL RECIPE HERE

Low fat short crust pastry recipe: 

Sift 225 g or 8 oz of plain flour into a large bowl with ½ tsp of baking powder and a good grind of black pepper or mustard.   This should be enough to line and cover a 20 cm pie dish.

 Put 50 g or 2 oz of liquid vegetable oil and 4 tbs of cold water into a jug, and whisk together with a fork till they start to emulsify.

 Sprinkle the liquid over the flour and baking powder and gently bring the ingredients together with a fork till they start to bind together.

If the mixture is too dry, sprinkle extra teaspoons of cold water, until the mixture binds together to form a disk of raw pastry.

Do not overwork the pastry or it will become tough.

 Place the pastry on a well floured board and roll out to your desired size with a rolling pin. Put the pastry onto your rolling pin and place carefully onto the bottom of your well oiled pie plate.

Try not to tear the pastry when you ease it into the pie dish, or the liquid will leak out of the pastry case.  

Beat an egg and paint the beaten egg with a pastry brush, onto the pastry that is going to be in contact with the pie filling. This will help to prevent the pastry going soggy.

Fill your pie with your filling cover the pie with a pastry topping (optional).

Cook the pie in a convection oven at 210 C for the time recommended in your recipe.


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