Homemade cheesecake – we’ve certainly licked this one!

Well… Im rather pleased with the cheese cake… it worked out really nicely… the fact the ingredients can be swapped for lower calorie ones definately deserves another experiment aswell.



80g digestive biscuits thoroughly smashed

50g butter or margarine

100g sugar or, for the more calorie concious a sugar replacement (dying to try that truvia off the tv adverts… the one with that ridiculous woman singing truly scrumptious)


200g low fat soft cheese

400g – 500g quark (try either tescos or asda if youre in the UK… it usually comes in 200g to 250g tubs)…. this is VERY low fat and tastes just a little more yoghurty that usual cream cheese but gives the cheesecake a great bit of zing!

1 tsp vanilla essence


Once the biscuits have been obliterated, melt the butter/ marg and stir in the sugar/ sugar replacement.

Press this firmly into a dish and for best results leave in the fridge for 1 hour…. this stops the biscuit from breaking up when you add the cheesy filling

Mix the soft cheese and the quark together then add the vanilla. Since I wanted a citrus flavour i also added a drop of lemon flavouring. (although lemons were unavailable during WW2, lemon flavour could sometimes be obtained.)

Spoon this over the chilled base and leave in the fridge, ideally overnight…. it will firm up quite a bit, which makes it easier to slice.

Once firm you can now add any toppings you wish to, although it does taste wonderful as is. Due to a lack of local berries at the moment I was temped to add a very 2012 tin of mandarin slices on the top (bad Mrs C)

How ever upon arriving down stairs the following morning I found that the mandarin slices had been eaten off the top. The remaining cheese had been smoothed over by hand (lil finger marks).

I’d like to say it was just the older two (K9 N6 E3.5) but I have a feeling lil miss E was the brains behind this.

When questioned master N pointed out that since tinned mandarins wouldnt have been available I had cheated so really I couldnt punish them for eating something that didnt exist  in the time our experiment was taking place.

Well… since it was my 6 year old that came up with that reply I was speechless… I could help giggling when lil miss E added ”naughty naughty mummy” before they all tut tutted their way into the dining room to wait for their breakfast.

Mum 0 kids 1…. for now…


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