Our weekly Menu – Mary and Asda can keep their little lamb!

After last weeks overpriced meat Im sticking with some good old CHEAP favourites to help my poor little piggy bank recover.

To be honest this last week was a good example of what happens when you dont plan and theres no organisation…. I actually have no idea what I spent but it must be twice our usual about £30 grocery shop. [<—– forsooth SHAME!]

Beef be it minced or diced is probably the cheapest thing (except for cheap offal) that I can get in a supermarket meat-wise… having the same thing day in day out was a common problem in the war years and housewives would have been encouraged to experiment with food so it didnt become monotonous.


Evening meal: Something like a bacon kofta… my wartime version… and vegetables

After dinner treat: Gypsy creams


Evening meal: Sandwich night… no veg only wholemeal bread and what ever ration of cheese/ ham we wont use during the week

After dinner treat:Apple crumble as per tradition


Evening meal: Beef casserole and dumplings… chased up by some carrots and those gorgeous aldi green beans if I can get some YUM!

After dinner treat: Rolled oat macaroons


Evening meal: Steamed fish and Tomato & Basil tarts (V)

After dinner treat: Victory sponge


Evening meal: Bobotie

After dinner treat: Bakewell tart


Evening meal: Boeuf bourguignon

After dinner treat: carrot cookies


Evening meal: Cheesy bubble and squeak (V)

After dinner treat: Dripping cake

just a little note…

This last week or two Ive notice Im losing weight again… Im down 1.5 stone (and a dress size) in total last time I checked. This isnt down to hours in the gym now (had to stop a few weeks ago, hard to find a baby sitter), which I did to counter the calories eaten.

Women in WW2 could live quite happily on 3000 calories a day because of the immense physical work they did. Now, with all our modern conveniences theres very little in life that we HAVE TO do. Even with the amount of calorie eaten, which was no where near 3000, I still lost weight…. 3lbs in 2 weeks which isnt bad for a start… not bad considering i use lard and use proper butter on my wholemeal toast.

Still we walk the children to school and back (twice because E is in nursery), walk to get the groceries, garden etc and are generally more active than we used to be (we worked out just taking the kids to and from school we do our 10000 steps per day). Ive noticed a change in my fitness as well as my skin, hair etc…. my general health has improved as has my mood. Im not so tired at the end of the day, I dont get out of breath climbing the stairs. All the miserable wet fresh air is really doing us good.


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