The Kofta/ Pasta theory and other radical plans

Last night, mid kofta mincing, I had a brilliant idea… “I wonder how easy it is

Kind of cooked Koftas

to make your own pasta”… apparently allot easier with a pasta machine.

I hurriedly made the kofta like balls to big and they didnt really cook in the middle. I thought the pasta was (hand) rolled thin enough, but it wasnt…. and so didnt cook all the way through (trebled in size).

Master N and our awesome old mincer.... he was my helper for the evening, helping me mince the kofta ingredients in the absence of a blender

The theory was good and the recipes were fine…. just my rushed execution sucked. We made do with shop bought spaghetti and chopped spam (leftovers) did the trick. To be honest in the unholy mess I had created in the kitchen, the gypsy creams fell by the wayside.

Not one of our greatest successes, still, you live you learn. I learned that MrC needs to get me a pasta machine… and always have some dried pasta and tinned meat in the pantry.

On a slightly more cheery note the REALLY old mincer MrC ‘borrowed’ from his Mam really works a treat… It worked so well I had to add some flour to the VERY well MINCED mixture.

Secondly, I finally found an awesome local grocer with some awesome locally sourced veg.

The not so awesome carrots I got inside my £1 root veg bag at a large well known supermarket I am sometimes forced to shop in. Sad arent they.

If you shop (UK) in places like Asda, Tescos or Netto you’ll know about the root veg bags… Normally about £1 they generally consist of a sad looking parsnip, a smallish swede, a couple of little onions and a small handful of suicidal carrots. —>

The photo below shows the £1.50 worth of brilliant fresh veg I bought at Eileens in Redcar yesterday. The bag shown cost me a glorious £1.50…. which an absolute bargain.

A good sized swede, half a cabbage, 3 medium sized onions, 1 BEAUTIFUL cauliflower and 7 brutish carrots. Theyre so fresh you can smell them .... they still have mud on them.

This picture shows the awesome LOCAL veg that came in the bag.

I had always heard that local green grocers are cheaper and better value (and of course local)…. and I’ve always meant to GO LOCAL… its good for so many reasons appart from making the experiment more authentic. I returned this morning and bought a HUGE pack of greens, mahoosive bunch of celery and 2 bags of tomatoes for later in the week.

 Back to the Koftas and Pasta…. after Ive ‘encouraged’ MrC to invest in a pasta maker I’ll post the recipe I used for the pasta. The Koftas were indeed a partial fail but the recipe was good (even with my ww2 modifications) so I’ll definately be trying that again. Its a great recipe for working with meat (bacon) that isnt actually on the meat ration.


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