Thank you… all 10 thousand of you

Words to live by

Some of you may have noticed that we passed the 10k visitors mark earlier in the week. Getting visitors was never the point of this experiment, but still… we’d love to say a BIG THANK YOU ❤ to all our regulars and and new visitors that have had a look through our site over the last 4+ months.

If youre browsing this site for the first time, no… we’re not a ‘themed’ family. Our home is modern, our clothes come off the modern high street (i lie… mostly george online… bit nit pick nit pick) and this experiment wasnt started because I loooove to watch old films…

…It was started to find out if 1940’s rationing (ww2 rationing) would benefit hundreds of thousands of modern day families struggling to make ends meet. Whether they are on a low income, benefits or just have amounted debts which, lets face it, we’ve all had at one point in our lives.

We had debts [see about us], but through budgeting/ saving/ planning we now live completely debt free… on a low income… but able to shop on a budget (to a plan) and have money left to save every week towards a holiday next summer. This is evidence enough that this method of buying only what you need, and wasting as little as possible really does work!

And that in a basic nutshell is the point of the experiment. To back this up every week we post our weeks menu [this weeks] and our shopping list of the week with a break down of waht everything costs [this weeks list]. Each recipe used whether authentic WW2 or modern adaptation… is listed on the site with ingredients, hints, tips and cooking times.

So in conclusion a HUGE THANK YOU to you all. We’d love to hear about your rationing/ budgeting adventures or tips… so PLEASE dont be backwards about coming forwards with any stories or hints 🙂


2 responses to “Thank you… all 10 thousand of you

  1. Congratulations on passing the 10k. I think this is a very important experiment. They say that those who were born before the years of plenty (1960s and after) may actually be less healthy than their parents because of the nutritional start had by the older generation.

    • definately…people ask about all the lard and full cream milk, real butter… but even with those things, heart disease and other prolific modern diseases were rare and seldom seen. We can learn allot from a wartime britain.

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