Eating Seasonally … your guide to year round munchies

Eat seasonably is a great interactive tool with which you can easily navigate through each month to discover which piece of fruit or veg is in season.

For example if we click on April it will tell us that this months best piece of veg is the cauliflower… followed by this months seasonal cabbage (spring green), cucumber and kale. A click to the right, to May, and you’ll find out that rhubarb is at its best.

Eating seasonally isnt just good for you and local farmers/ grocers… its good for your wallet.

Its one of lifes little iggles, that although imports are cheaper than locally produced items, supermarkets charge more for imported strawberries etc out of season.

So although local strawberries may cost the grocers 50p and you pay £1 in season… a large supermarket may pay 25p for imported strawberries but charge you £1.50 (covers cold storage and flying them in from chile). 

Buying whats in season means you get the veg/ fruit at its best… so best quality and best price.



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