Weekly Menu – wheres my wiley wabbit!

This week I was determined to try some rabbit stew or rabbit pie. I’d seen a beautiful dozen or so rabbit pieces at our local butcher (£1.99 per lbs…. which is sort of 500g) on the friday and couldnt wait. This morning I went back… no rabbit. Infact out of the half a dozen butchers in the area only 3 occasionally sold rabbit… none of them had any though.

In war years rabbit became a bit like chicken is today. If you lived close to the country (or obviously in) they were a frequent pest and in good supply (as opposed to chickens which were a luxury). Today its another store…. that said £1.99 for 500g of any meat is good value today.

Sorry this menu has taken all day to appear… hopefully this week I’ll be a little more organised (not holding breath) lol.


Evening meal: Egg & Bacon tartlets with toast and baked beans (seem to be amassing a store of beans… which will come in handy for quick snacks and the pork and beans later in the week  #YUMbeansontoast

After dinner treat: strawberries…. unfortunately from spain.. but a freebie gift so I wasnt going to turn them down.


Evening meal: Sandwich Wednesday

After dinner treat: apple and rhubarb crumble #YUSSAHRHUBARBSEASON


Evening meal: Pork (belly) and beans yummmm (not sure I can get away with sneaking some greens in here… kids wouldnt be amused… I’ll have to make up for the lack of greens another day 😛

After dinner treat: Bakewell Tart


Evening meal: Liver, bacon and sausage hot pot with spring greens, green beans, cauliflower and carrots #itsoffalygood

After dinner treat: Dutch Flummery


Evening meal: Steak and kidney pie with carrots, potatoes, and spring greens… plus and greens beans left… if I havent eaten them all already.

After dinner treat: Ginger and date cake


Evening meal: Roast chicken and stuffing (sausage meat inside the bird and sage & onion outside), with greens (because theyre cheap), carrots, onions, swede and potato.

After dinner treat: Chocolate layer cake… big treat… then again it is sunday


Evening meal: sliced heart casserole (failing that some pork loin steaks… in a casserole)… with the usual leeks/ onion, carrots, celery and any left over vegetables.

After dinner treat: lemon cake bars (less than 2.9g of fat WINNER and if made correctly the mixture makes 32 squares… each serving or square is less than 2.9g of fat THEREFORE theses ARE INFACT LOW FAT LEMON CAKE BARS BOOOYAH! ) <—- just incase … any serving of food  (or if a meal then per 100g) under 3g is considered low fat.

Just incase you were wondering “If they eat all those after dinner treats, arent they the size of a house end by now?”

We dont eat everything cooked on the day…. for example, and food leftovers get frozen for adult warm lunches or snackettes for the kids when they get home from school at 3.30pm. Left over treats/ cake gets stored in tins to keep it fresh, not that it lasts long, the kiddies usually get a thin slice after their snack when they get home from school. Honestly my children are not in the least fat…. they use up so much energy playing (<—- Im jealous, wish I had that metabolism… In the mean time I’ll stick to toddler pudding portions [sobs])


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