Good old Pork and Beans

This is a great old fall back meal. Something the kiddies and I are always ready to eat and once in a while weeeell… it doesnt hurt.


  • Pork belly 500g (aldithis week £1.99 BARGAIN!)

    appologies for the photo…. its taken the next day while i was reheating some for my lunch hehehe

  • 1 tin baked beans (points ration so not usually quaffed back lightly)
  • 1 onion roughly chopped (I used a couple of small leeks and it worked out fine)
  • oil/ butter/ margarine for lightly sealing the pork
  • stock (i used a chicken stock cube in a very little amount of water)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Very simple and easy…first fry/ seal the pork in a little fat (i used marg) until firm (and usually paler in colour)
  • Remove the pork and fry the onion until nicely browned
  • add the pork back in and the stock in a little bit of water
  • Add the beans (we use a while tine but thats up to how much you do or dont like beans)
  • let the beans/ pork mix warm through then season to taste.
  • Eat while hot… although…. the next day I looooove this cold or even as a topping to my lunch time hot potato.

We loooved this and at it accompanied by our usual mashed potato and some green veg (any excuse to get in some green!)


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