This weeks ww2 rationing menu

Last weeks shopping bill was a bit of a record…. mainly because we decided the last week to use the meats sitting right there in our freezer.

This week, freezer (almost) empty, it’s going to be a little harder to keep the bill that low. We do have an abundance of frozen cod/ haddock, which I’ll be using regularly through out the week. Fish, when available, was not rationed… however, various parts of the country would have found it harder to obtain a good quantity than say towns, villages by the sea etc.

Where I grew up in Cornwall this wouldn’t have been a problem (fishing village)… further inland you would have been far more dependant on shipments to your local store (early morning queueing for your piece of fish)


Fish Curry (Haddock)

Pear and Berry Brown Betty


Sandwich night…. although may do something a little different for the kids and make either some pancakes or yorkshire puddings instead …. just for a change

Baked Stuffed Apples


Herb and Lemon Pork, served with spring greens, cauliflower, potatoes and a little swede.

Sticky toffee pudding


Home made fish cakes (cod), chips and carrots

Castle pudding


Sausage and bean bake served with spring greens, carrots and cauliflower (beans available at the time would have been grown in your own back yard/ allotment…. like broad beans, runner beans, dwarf beans and peas to pad it all out…. I gather haricot beans (baked beans) were grown aswell as tinned baked beans were seen as essential food)

Upside-down Apple Tart


Fish Pie (cod and/ or haddock), served with peas and carrots

Berry Pie


Winter beef and vegetable soup

Chocolate Blancmange (will have to make this either on the morning or the night before to give it time to set)


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