This weeks money saving menu… KEEP CALM AND BLOG ON!

Apologies for my distinct lack of recipe blogging this week…. with all the rain, soggy socks, flooding roads/ paths, soaking clothing, wet ducks, colds and hacking coughs… there hasn’t been a lot of anything going on at Casa de Ration. 😦

But never fear normal service has resumed… so without further interruption, here’s what we’ll be eating this week.

On the weekend I got hold of some rabbit and tried a rabbit pie. I’ll definitely be trying this again. The rabbit was cheap, lean and not a strong flavour at all (wild hare would be stronger). It was like…well… if chicken was naturally interesting. Raw or cooking it looks like chicken and so I fried some onions (added a pinch of sage, thyme and a chicken stock cube) and popped it in a pie. I served it with lots of lovely vibrantly coloured veg and potatoes… it was beautiful. Really simple. Next time I might get a little more adventurous and try a rabbit stew…lol.

Hopefully this week I’ll get hold of some again and take some photos of the meat before and after.


Evening meal: Sausage rolls

Special After treat: Vanilla ice cream


Evening meal: Toasted sandwiches

After dinner treat: Apple crumble


Evening meal: Minced beef slices

After dinner treat: Kentish batter pudding <—- my own tried and tested verson… made this twice last week and it went down a treat…VERY good!


Evening meal: Mock Goose, roasted potatoes, spring greens and carrots <—- no meat meal, yep you read right.

After dinner treat: Rolled oat macaroons


Evening meal: Savoury meat roll (+potatoes and vegetables)

After dinner treat: Ginger and date cake


Evening meal: Diced beef in onion gravy (+potatoes and vegetables) <—- made this as well last week, so easy and soooo tasty with that onion gravy

After dinner treat: upside down apple tart


Evening meal: Corned beef hash

After dinner treat: pear and apple brown betty


2 responses to “This weeks money saving menu… KEEP CALM AND BLOG ON!

  1. I used to make rabbit stew years ago when kids were wee and rabbits were plentiful – not any more, we never see any round here at all. It also helps pad out stuff like liver & bacon casserole.
    I have to admit I still got two bags of apples from Aldis but they look like they were interred with Tutunkhamen they’re so old. I just cant be assed to make crumble at all, got horrible flu and the weather getting me down. I suppose wartime women knew that feeling well eh.
    Decided to try butcher meat this week, spent £12.50 and am trying to make the meat last all week. Last week I was really ill, OH had to cook for himself and he kindly cooked and ate a fortnights supply of mince – then told me to stop buying far too much meat!! Obviously never heard of freezers in his world then eh 🙂

    • lol….Yep this weather is having all sorts of funny effects on people from colds and flu to sleepless nights… If I was more organised I’d be jam making at 3am or baking bread instead of looking through films hehehe. MrC is banned from the freezer.I have everything organised within an inch of its life in there….home made stocks & leftovers, the weeks meat (+ and berries either picked or bought) and the fish draw… not allot going on in there now… except maybe the occasional milk pop for the kids.

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