All Battenburg, great and small

As a quick wartime, cupboard friendly Battenberg I used a bread tin to bake two 1 egg sponge cakes… one vanilla and one chocolate.

Once cooked and cooled I cut them length ways and glued them together in the typical battenburg check way with some home made chocolate spread.

To make chocolate spread: Add 1oz Bournville cocoa, 1.5 tbsp sugar, 1 dessert spoon flour together to a pan and gradually add half a cup of milk gradually while mixing. Bring to the boil and beat until quite smooth. Allow to cool before using. Store in airtight container…. thats if it lasts that long.

After ‘gluing’ your cake together, place it in the fridge while you either make your own marzipan…. or lazily, like me, buy some and roll it out to the size you need.

DELIA SMITH does a great marzipan recipe (hers has brandy in it WINNER!)

Used your chocolate spread to glue your cake to the marzipan as you wrap it up and glue the edge closed. I placed this in the fridge for a while longer to make sure it set.


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