Could you live off only 3 foods per day? Food for thought!

We started this experiment to prove to ourselves more than anyone else that the experience of previous generations would help us live well on a low-budget. We’re not alone in the low-income bracket. Still using 1940’s rations we eat well, we eat cheaply and we waste next to nothing. We’re eating local fruit/ veg and are gradually eating local meats (everything from beef to rabbit), instead of pre-packed pasty stuff from supermarkets. We’re better for it now paying less and weighing less.

Many people write in, email ( or comment on how you’d find it hard to give up certain things, foods, luxuries to try an experiment like this yourselves… and yes it is/ was hard at first, now we dont really think about it. In fact, the longer the experiment goes on the more involved we get in it and the easier it becomes. You learn to live on less, you learn what you REALLY need and what was just a waste.

So, waffle over, I draw your attention to a brilliant and thought provoking article by  The article post and her link to (save the children) explain how malnutrition is as big a killer as starvation.

‘Food’ for thought considering those of you reading this today (as well as ourselves) have internet, TV, somewhere to sleep, food to eat and so on. What you and I consider the ‘basics’ of life, our ‘human rights’ are a luxury to adults and children all over the world, as they would have been in bombed european cities all through the war.

Saved the children asked crumbs to take part in a 3 food challenge… “to highlight the ongoing problems which malnutrition cause. In a nutshell, it’s not just starvation that kills children. Malnutrition is the reason for a third of children’s deaths worldwide. That’s 2.6 million every year, 300 children an hour. But because it is not named as the cause of death on a death certificate, it is a subject which has been ignored for decades.”

We think that here in the UK we’re un effected by these things…”

In the UK, malnutrition affects 10-55% ill adults in hospital and the community and, amongst hospitalised children,16% were found to be severely stunted, 14% wasted and 20% at risk of malnutrition if nutritionally stressed.

Amongst the elderly, malnutrition affects 1% healthy individuals in the community, 4-5% patient receiving home help living at home, 20% in hospital patients, and 37% in institutionalised individuals (Swiss study).”

“The health charity, Bapen, says about 3 million people in the UK either have or are at risk of malnutrition.”

Its something to try … the 3 food challenge I mean, even if its only for a day… just to remind you of what you have and what you have to be thankful for.

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.” John Lennon As quoted in Guitar Player (1 August 2004)


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