A jolly local holiday – the day out that cost more than our weeks food budget!

We were lucky to have saved up some money recently to take the kids to the seaside for the day. Yes I know… we already live a 20 minutes walk from the sea, but since the Redcar seafront is a tad busy (locals and building of the vertical pier, scars etc), we decided to take the kiddies to Saltburn…. perhaps my favourite place in the North East.

The weather was beautiful  but unfortunately, as with any day out away from home, it cost! From the £7+ train ticket to the £5 bucket and spade (just the one… for that price they can share), the £8+ ice creams for the 5 of us and £20 for 3 kids sausage and chips and 2 adult fish and chips….. this all adds up.  Thats a whopping £40 to see the sea…..and of course saltburns GORGEOUS valley gardens. THATS MORE THAN OUR WEEKS GROCERY BUDGET!!!!!!!

During the war familes were encouraged to take their ‘Holidays at Home’, going to the park or local beach (if they had one). This would free much needed public transportation for troops and food supplies. Lets not forget that petrol and tyres were rationed during the war, so no crafty taxi cabs from here to there.

The image shown above is advertising taking your family on a farming holiday… this wasnt an unusual idea as help was needed on the land as was a good clean holiday where you got paid as you picked, framed etc

slap this link to see a British pathe clip of 2 women packing up their typewriters to go harvest cabbages… what fun! http://www.britishpathe.com/video/holiday-camps-aka-holiday-camp-girls

In the clip below A family from Durham enjoy a holiday camp (I think, judging by the creepy clown that its Butlins) in 1949


2 responses to “A jolly local holiday – the day out that cost more than our weeks food budget!

  1. They’re advertising a lot these days for staying in the UK and all the wonderful things you can do. Unfortunately a week by the sea in Spain or camping with a pool in France costs less (if you go self catering) than three family days out to a an attraction in England. And you get free sunshine thrown in.

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