Meals for under £1

I like to read the Yahoo news stories before I answer my emails in the morning… amidst  the usual political line up was an article entitled ‘5 meals for less than 50p’ (click title for link). This got me thinking…. there MUST surely be other more appetising meals available for 50p to £1 per serving out there? I mean, how exciting it a toast sandwich???? Dont think I could sell the idea to my kiddies.5 meals for less than 50p

Protein is the priciest part of any meal, so swapping them for a lower cost protein really saves the pennies.

A cup of peas contains more protein than an entire egg. [Click HERE  to link to our guide to eating seasonably June Part 1]

Milk and eggs are still reasonably cheap, 2 eggs having the same amount of protein as 2oz of meat. Eggs are also a great way of using up left overs… scraps of meat, veggies, potatoes make an awesome omelet.

Beans are another budget friendly protein, making them a staple to mix in soups or pasta dishes. [YUMMMMM beans on toast] Veggies like cabbage, carrots and spring greens are all high in antioxidants, available all year round and cheap. Veggies, as we’ve found on rations, are still the cheapest, healthiest and best way to pad out any meal.

Remember theres no nutritional difference between frozen and fresh.

The Favourite meal at Casa del Ration… Pork and Beans.

All ingredients bought at Aldi



1 mild onion…. 20p

Total (not including seasoning)£2.50 or 50p per person

  • Fry off the pork until its cooked and set aside

  • Then fry off the onion (plus a little garlic) in the pork juices, fry until onions are tender.

  • Add the pork back and then add the beans, simmer until beans are hot and cooked YUM.

Or my favourite…. tomato soup… that and veggie soup are quite often the quickest, easiest and cheapest lunch on a busy weekday

Tescos stock cube…. 1p

Tescos tinned tomatoes…. 31p

Tescos brown onion…. 16p

Tescos baby carrpts in water…. 18p

Aldi sweetheart cabbage…. 49p

Total £1.15 or 57p per serving (based on 2 people) Obviously if you wanted to pad this out you could add pulses or potatoes or more veg…. still delicious, still healthy and still cheap.

Found this brilliant vid on youtube…

hmmm think MrC and I will have to do a series on meals under £1 becasue there just isnt enough out there on cheap BUT GOOD meals. hmmmmmmmmm<—– much thinking going on


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